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Oops! Young Oscar on his down under way – accompanied by none less  than  a real rain worm princess. (Well not all the way to Australia but deep enough…!) A tale, with illustrations in my own hand. It's all about Oscar and the rain worm people.  The worms are always shuffled  away but still proud of their good things.

 So - this time they fight one of these constantly popping up new parking places. And Oscar is helping them here!  A humorous - and deep! - little thriller for  kids. 

Editors:  Publit. de, as usual  - from where you can can also click the image to order a copy! 

Yes, The Boy Who Save Worms is the name of my newest one  for children from 6 years. It's now, in January  '18,  released in English, during the autumn '17 also in Swedish and German.

The story might have a certain similarity with Alice in Wonderland  and also with the classic German tales: This lonely boy Oscar is walking around in the bad weather outside his house, taking rain worms off   the asphalt as well as hindering them to drown.  In the next moment he then, for gratitude, gets invited down under and a visit to the Rain Worm Country, its  Queen and, specially, princess UllaCrown! Instructive as well as thrilling! And yes, a little more demanding than an easy reader...    

  I, Jan Eric Arvastson is a  Swedish writer,  not too unknown.   Living nowadays in Stockholm,

a member of the Swedish Writers Union as well as the The Club of Stockholm Criminal Writers.

  I have since 1976 published around 20 books, mostly crime stories -

but also a few for kids and young ones.

This book of Oscar, the Rainworm Rescuer, has around 100  pages, is a paperback and illustrated by drawings in my own hand.

If you please,  you may order the book, The Boy Who Saved Worms, from, the distributing company, or from the widget on this site.  

Also available in German! Click image to visit the order page!